Photography and Fine Art by Stephen Kennedy







Stephen Kennedy

Photography and Fine Art by Stephen Kennedy

Calgary, AB


Stephen Kennedy is a Landscape, Travel and Sports Photographer that resides in Calgary, AB, Canada. He started taking images when he was a young boy when he got his first Argus Film Camera. The photography bug has stuck with him to this day and he is almost never seen without a camera.

In High School, Stephen went a step further loading, shooting, developing and printing his own black and white images. Several of his images have won awards in contests like the Calgary Stampede Youth Photo contest.

When digital came about, Stephen was an early adaptor to the new format and has worked continuously to hone his craft both with shooting and working in the digital darkroom.

He loves to travel and shoot landscapes all over the world but in particular he loves to shoot in Kauai, HI and in the Rockies near his home town. He also has a passion for military aircraft so he is likely to be at any air show within driving distance from his home!

Stephen is always learning and trying to hone his photography skills. He also enjoys experimenting with new techniques. He is currently experimenting with Light Painting Landscapes.

Stephen operates a photography business in Calgary offering on location portrait, commercial, and event (particularly sports) photography. He also offers one to one photography instruction and workshops.

Please feel free to contact me if you have seen one of my images elsewhere and would like it available here or if you would like a different crop than offered here. Please contact me if you are interested in artist signed prints.



Another Day is Done by Stephen Kennedy


Sunset Kalalau Valley Kauai HI by Stephen Kennedy


Hawaiian Wave by Stephen Kennedy


Boat Hanalei Bay by Stephen Kennedy


Cruise Ship Sunset by Stephen Kennedy


Floating Market Curacao by Stephen Kennedy


Plumeria by Stephen Kennedy


Hanalei Bay Sunrise by Stephen Kennedy


P-51D At Sunset by Stephen Kennedy


Got my Eyes on You by Stephen Kennedy


F-86 Hawk One by Stephen Kennedy


Fishing Boats Aruba by Stephen Kennedy


Deer by Stephen Kennedy


Hanalei Bay Double Rainbow Sunrise by Stephen Kennedy


Elbow Falls AB Sunset by Stephen Kennedy


Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Racing by Stephen Kennedy